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KadePay Vault

More control with time-sensitive payments 

What It Is, How It Works

Kadepay uses credit card tokenization, here is what that means:
When we "tokenize" something, we replace it with a representation that holds meaning only within a specific context.​Kade Pay, through our partner, Stripe, tokenizes all customers' credit cards and bank information before storing it to ensure the safety and security of their financial details.


​Kade Pay offers a superior solution if your business requires a secure and efficient way to store your customers' credit card information. ​As the merchant, you can request permission from your customers to charge them at any time, usually at the time of service or delivery.


This is often used in warehouses, construction supplies, lawyer practices, architects, and other professional services.


To charge your customer, select the customer and the payment amount. Kade will process the charge and send a payment receipt directly to the customer.

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