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Online Payment

Our Solutions

Discover our various features and solutions that help you receive payments quicker, smarter, and more convenient with Kade Pay.

Credit Card Vault

Do you keep your customers' credit card or bank information on file?

Kade allows you to store customer payment details securely without any hassle. You can then use this information to charge your customers at any time. This feature particularly benefits warehouses, construction suppliers, and other businesses. Charging customers with their payment information is as simple as selecting the customer.

Recurring Transactions

Introducing Kade Recurring, a simple solution for managing a complex problem. With Kade, you can effortlessly schedule recurring transactions for your customers on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or any other custom basis. Payments can be automatically charged, or customers can pay individually as transactions occur. Easily set up memberships or payment plans with just a few clicks.


Vanishing Bills

When reserving a boat, house, or spot for a potential customer, it's essential to require a payment or deposit to secure the booking. 

With the Kade vanishing bills feature, you have control. You can set a specific timeframe for the bill's validity and send it to your customer for payment.


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